Publicity shot. Summer '79. Dixie, Myself, Gregg, Pino & Dave Cooper. On the veranda of the house we were renting. I remember being out the previous night and being dragged from bed to do it. It was a great time. We were set up in the basement and we played every day. We even entered a battle of the bands competition, which we won. The prize was a week at this dive where the contest had taken place. 2nd prize was 2 weeks. We started a two week residency at this place called Leisure Lodge. A large club, with an equally large outdoor performance area right outside. The first week no-one came. We got very depressed. we took out radio advertising for the following week. First night of the following week we arrive at the venue to see the parking lot full of cars. We get out of the car and dance round the parking lot. The radio advertising really worked! We race into the club expecting to see it rammed with people. It's empty. Just then we hear loud music drifting in from the outdoor venue. We follow the music outside to find two hundred people avidly watching a stripper. 
Leisure Lodge - Various shots. All trying to entice some people in from the strip show outside. Fat chance.
              ..... and the house we rented on Victoria Street North.